As an Executable

Cosmos can be installed by, (1). Installing Swi-Prolog (preferably 8.4+), (2) downloading the latest release, and (3) simply typing,


in the project directory.

This should work on any system that can run Swi-Prolog.

You can test that the installation has succeeded.

$ cosmos -v
"Cosmos 0.13 beta - (Pl)"


Cosmos can be installed as a Swi-Prolog pack. This is recommended if you are already a Prolog user or plan to use the languages together.

:- pack_install(cosmos).

You can then load the language.

:- use_module(library(cosmos)).
:- cquery('x=2').

If you want to open the interpreter:

:- cstart.

As said, this is recommended if you're already a Prolog user. You're opening the Cosmos interpreter inside the Prolog interpreter, and so on. This is somewhat redundant.

Naturally, you may install it both normally and as a pack.